The ENHANCED 2017 Cummins Wellbeing
program gives you the tools to get active,
get healthy, and get rewarded.

The enhanced 2017 Cummins Wellbeing program will be starting January 4, 2017 and here is what you need to know:

Log in today to see how you're doing in the 2016 program!

Don't forget, you have until December 31, 2016 to earn your 2017 Premium Discount.

Keep reading for a sneak peak of the enhanced program, FAQs and information on your 2017 program rewards!


Now it's even easier to make healthy decisions like getting more active, drinking more water, getting enough sleep, and a lot more! The 2017 Cummins Wellbeing program will keep you motivated through an enhanced Virgin Pulse platform. Check out a sneak peak below!


Although the site may look different, your rewards are not changing! In 2017 you will still be eligible to earn your 2018 premium discount and up to $200 Pulse Cash. Like last year, employees must reach Level 2 (30,000 points) and if applicable benefits enrolled spouses must reach Level 1 (15,000 points) by September 30, 2017 to earn your 2018 discount.

0,000 points might seem like we are asking a lot but with the 2017 program you have many new ways to earn! Check out the new earning opportunities listed below!


I liked the old program – can I still access it?
The old program is no longer available. It may take some time to get used to, but we promise the enhanced program will be even better.
How do I log into the enhanced program?
Just like you did the old one! You’ll use the same username and password.
I had HealthCash remaining in the old program. What will happen to that?
Any remaining HealthCash will be carried over to the enhanced program as PulseCash. Redeem your PulseCash for new devices, fitness products, gift cards or cash cards in the Virgin Pulse store. You can also deposit PulseCash directly into your personal checking or savings account.
Will I be able to access my monthly statements and HRA data?
You’ll start fresh with the enhanced program. Monthly statements and HRA data will not be moved over, so print anything you may want to keep before the old program ends on December 31, 2016.
Will I be able to use my Max, FitBit, and/or Misfit device?
Yes, you will be able to use your device in the enhanced program! Check out all compatible devices on the Devices and Apps page under your profile in the drop down menu.

Will I be able to access my device activity and biometrics history in the new program?
Don’t worry – you won’t lose a single step! All device activity and biometrics history will make the trip with you to the enhanced program.
What happened to HealthMiles points?
HealthMiles points are now called Points. Points translate into PulseCash, which you can redeem for rewards.
How do I track my progress in the game?
See your progress on the levels graph on the homepage. Click on Reward Details under My Earnings to see your Program Rewards.

Where can I see my steps on the site?
On the homepage, scroll below the fold and there they are! Also, expand the navigation bar, go to Progress and then click on My Stats. This is where you can access all of your device activity and biometric stats.
Will I still have access to my Groups?
Though old groups will no longer be accessible, there will be a new set of groups for you to join and participate in based on common interests that you share with others in your organization. You will even be able to create your own groups! Trade tips, give feedback, and motivate each other.
Will my Virgin Pulse mobile app still work?
Your Virgin Pulse mobile app will still work as long as you have the latest update from the app store (iOS or Android). When you launch the app, if you are not prompted to login to your account, please logout and log back in. This will refresh the app, so that you can access the new mobile experience.
Can I still use RunKeeper?
We are not currently compatible with RunKeeper, however we will be shortly. In the meantime, you can try the free Moves app to track your walking, running, and cycling. You can also track your steps using your smartphone if you download the Virgin Pulse mobile app.
What happened to my existing friend network?
You will need to rebuild your network of friends. Start from a clean slate and add coworkers and friends who are already enrolled in the program, creating a new community of support. You will also need to re-invite your friends and family outside of work to join your Virgin Pulse program so you can continue to get healthy together.
What kind of personal challenges can I do?
You can still do personal challenges with friends. Start up a number of different step challenges or challenge friends by using the many Healthy Habit trackers.
Do I have to agree to new terms and conditions?
We take your privacy very seriously, so your enhanced program comes with a new Membership Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Data Consent.

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